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Adaleh: Falling down from high floors is the most distinguished reason for the death of domestic workers

[6/25/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS--Adaleh center for human rights studies run by lawyer Asem Rababa'a commented that the suffering of migrant workers can be summarized by the lack of active accessible methods to the administrative and judicial remedy mechanisms.

The center, through its annual report launched on Saturday under the title "Absent Protection" which addresses the migrant workers and domestic workers, referred the reasons of migrants suffering to their ignorance of their deserved rights and fear of terminating their work contract, deporting or expelling them.

Adding that, domestic labor lacks the organization not only that but also most of the workers still suffer from heavy work in return of unfair wages.
The report demonstrated that the legal aid unit of Adaleh center has received 386 complaints from domestic workers and 108 complaints from migrant workers pointing that most of the complaints were violations of their recognized rights which should be respected.
The report indicated the number of complaints concerning abuse has reached 180 complaint in addition to violations related to hard and cruel conditions such as long work hours , absence of health care , deterioration of living conditions , scarcity of enough food , being subjected to beating and insults , not allowing the practice of religious rituals and deprivation of break time .

The report added that the sponsor system has contributed directly and indirectly in the acceptance of migrants and domestic workers to part of the violations against them and that is because they do not have other choice but to continue working.

Moreover, it revealed serious and disturbing indicators like the increase of
suicide cases pointing that the number of deaths in the last year has reached 35 deaths of domestic workers most of them were due to falling down from high floors in addition to approximately 27 suicide case caused great injuries for workers which end up all by not performing any investigation to identify the motives behind suicide, according to the report.
The center recommended through its report the necessity of abolishing or determining all implementations of the sponsor system since they have close connection to the violations against migrants in general and domestic workers in particular. Furthermore, authorities should make all necessary procedures of a periodic and organized investigation regarding the possession of workers of their passports, referral of violators to competent courts and file of public right lawsuit against them.
The center called for adopting adequate administrative and legislative measures to terminate the judicial labor disputes pertaining to migrant and domestic workers through establishing labor courts, forcing the employer to submit a bank warranty to insure his loyalty to the accumulated obligations with accordance to the work contract, and providing the ministry of labor every 6 moths a copy of a bank deposit of the worker.
The report also stressed on the importance of making insurance for the dangers facing the employers such as the escape of the worker at the beginning of her work in order to guarantee or compensate the employer of the financial loses. The center suggested activating and bolstering the labor monitoring with qualified human cadres , joining the International Conventions on the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers and members of their Families and matching the local legislations , joining the International Labor Convention on the Rights of Domestic Workers in addition to guaranteeing the recognition of domestic workers and employers equally of their rights and obligations within the law and insuring the existence of a copy of the work contract with the migrant worker .

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