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Protest against hike in gasoline

[6/14/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS--A number of activists carried out a protest against the raise in gasoline prices Octan90, by 12.9% , in the early hours of Wednesday morning, in front of one of the gas stations located close to the University of Jordan.

The government has begun the application of this step after Tuesday midnight ,which is considered the first hike of gasoline prices since the outbreak of protests at the beginning of last year.

Two weeks ago, Jordan raised the price of gasoline of Octan 95 by 20 percent and also raised the price of electricity that is consumed by large industrial and services sectors of the economy, including banks and hotels.

The government raised prices of heavy fuel oil for industry, jet fuel and fuel for ships, a move described by economists , would increase inflationary pressures in a country of seven million people and will impact negatively on the competitiveness of exports due to the increased costs.

* Translated and Edited by Aida Tawil

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