UPDATE: Elections bill to be discussed Sunday | Jordan News | Ammon News

UPDATE: Elections bill to be discussed Sunday

[6/15/2012 12:00:00 AM]

By Wael Jaraisheh

AMMONNEWS - The Elections draft Law 2012 will be discussed by the Lower House of Parliament next Sunday, a parliamentary source told Ammon News on Wednesday.

Earlier the Lower House Legal Committee on Wednesday completed its deliberations over the draft elections 2012 law, recommending that 140 seats for the new upcoming parliament, including 15 seats designated for the women’s quota and 17 for the proportional list.

The committee started discussions over the 8th article of the draft Law which related to the districts, Seats numbers, and votes.

On Tuesday's session, the Committee recommended to remove the controversial “compensation seats” from the key reform-related legislation.

The panel proposed that Article 53 of the draft elections law, which stipulates that “compensation seats are to be awarded to districts from which no candidates makes it to Parliament” be scrapped.

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