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Islamist figure denies reports over doves splitting from IAF

[6/2/2012 12:00:00 AM]

By Rashed Assaf

AMMONNEWS - The Islamic movement denied the reports about the "Doves" splitting from the Islamic Action Front (IAF) and described it as " Baseless and lies", the first Deputy of the General Secretary of (IAF) Nemir Al-Assaf told Ammon News over the phone on Wednesday.

Al Majed, a local weekly newspaper reported on Wednesday that divisions inside the Kingdom’s largest political movement and the forming of a new movement after disagreements between the strongest two trends in the Islamic movement (Doves and Hawks).

The party has been perceived to be divided between the hawks' camp, which are viewed as more hardliners who also favor stronger ties with the Palestinian Islamist group, and doves, described as moderates, and who wish to sever the party's links with Hamas.

According to the newspaper, a number of the Islamic movement members held a meeting in Al-Assaf home in Amman,, early this week to discuss the decision of division.

Al -Assaf stressed that the idea of splitting is "unacceptable" at all, and that they(Doves) work together with the other trends to support the movement.

"We all are solders to serve the party",. Al-Assaf said. adding that the reports are "groundless" and such reports targeted the movement.

Islamists have selected a "conservative" figure to head the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood’s largest decision-making body "Shura" council.

Islamist officials selected on late May 24th, Nawaf Obeidat, a longtime party insider and close ally of conservative overall leader Hamam Saeed, as president of the movement’s 52-member Shurah Council, ending the eight-year reign of "moderate (Dove)" Abdul Latif Arabiyat.

The Shura Council consists of 53 seats, including 47 elected members (either by election or acclimation) representing 36 MB voting districts, and 5 members appointed by the Council, in addition to the General Comptroller.

According to MB bylaws, the new council chooses the new overall leader of the movement, the General Comptroller, and members of the political bureau for the upcoming 4-year term.

* Google photo / Nemir Al Assaf a leader in (IAF)

  • 1 The American Brotherhood! 5/31/2012 5:00:16 PM

    In Egypt, the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were "united" under the slogan "Islam is the solution" and many people believed them. But they were divided over the issue of how best to "grab" the presidency. In the process, people learned that their leaders are close to the United States and that their mothers or children or wives are actually US citizens!? It seems that if one of them becomes the President of Egypt, their slogan might change to "America is the Solution"! In such case, Egyptians would learn that their Muslim Brotherhood are closer to the US than Sadat. Sadat used to say "99% of the solution is America"! Aren't all the Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the Arab world, including Jordan, are tied with that Egyptian organization?

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