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Protests against prices hike next Friday in several cities

[6/2/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The opposition parties, activists, and pro-reformers announced on Thursday that they will hold rallies across the country.

The Islamic Movement in Jordan called for a rally on Thursday eveneing in front of the parliament building at 6:pm, in protest of the prices hike.

The rally will march from parliament to Interior square.

Meanwhile, the Opposition parties including the Islamic movement will hold a rally in the northern city on Irbid over the government's decision to raise the prices. while the coalition of youth and popular movements for reforms will march downtown Amman for the same reasons.

  • 1 mohammed 5/31/2012 8:17:24 PM

    Jordan’s Energy Strategy The Jordanian energy sector is an absolute disaster and much of the current state can be blamed on the government. Interruptions of the Egyptian pipeline may be a temporary problem but the reality is that marginal electricity costs are going to double in the next two years, even if the pipeline is not sabotaged. The last power project installed in Jordan cost about 6 cents per Kwh. The next will cost over 13 and or 18 if it’s renewable energy. We can’t blame Egypt for not selling us cheap natural gas because they don’t even have gas for their own domestic needs! The Jordanian government perhaps can’t be blamed for the pipeline interruptions but relying on a single source of energy is very risky. Instead of developing credible energy alternatives, government officials in charge of energy supply murmured “inshallah.” Lo and behold, dependency on a single source is a bad idea! So what is the answer? While the entire world decommissions oil fired power stations, the MEMR is now hoping imported oil and oil shale will meet its energy shortfall. Not only is the power very expensive, but they will have to truck hundreds of lorries from Aqaba to Zarqa every day. Get off the road and don’t swim too close to the Jerash! Oil shale power requires $2 billion in investment, has a huge environmental impact and is in the hands of an Estonian government company which has never implemented or financed a project outside of their home country. Inshallah. The MEMR has failed to implement a single renewable energy project in 10 years! Kamsha? Fujeij? While Dubai and Kuwait were installing small scale LNG import terminals, Jordan did nothing! Now they are surprised to learn they are losing millions every month so the MEMR has decided to implement the project itself? So now Jordan’s energy security depends on government officials developing, financing and operating a complex LNG import scheme! It took them two years just to study it! God help us all….. Surprisingly, the private sector has been banging on the government’s door to sell gas and build wind farms and solar facilities. It appears no one is home. Can someone please provide some leadership and take strategic decisions before this terrible situation becomes a catastrophe?

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