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Circle of Secrets : Chapter Four

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AMMONNEWS- My name is Abdullah Elqadri I am a Jordanian and came from America 5 years ago when I was only 13. I am now 18 and I wrote a book about a year ago and Ammon news was kind enough to allow me to publish my book two chapters weekly on their website.

Circle of Secrets by: Abdullah Sharaf Elqadri

Chapter Four

Once I got there I had to pay the limo driver because he didn’t believe I was Victoria’s friend; I guess not everyone knows who I am. But on the bright side I got here and I slowly walked into “my” restaurant, still not sure if it’s truly mine. For all I know I stole it from Victoria and Victoria is acting all nice just so she can get revenge, or even worse, this mystery admirer owns this restaurant and wants the deed from me. With all that in mind, I didn’t really pay attention to where I was standing. A few days ago this restaurant was full of people and beautiful lighting, but this time, there was nothing, it was empty and very quiet.
I knew it I was going to get shot, or this place was going to blow up with me in it, what I was thinking to myself, but eventually I told myself to pull it together, and walked to the back, and my eyes caught a glimpse of one table at the end of the restaurant, and it had a reservation paper with my name on it, Jack Ace. At this moment all I was thinking was, “Run!” but I thought of what would happened if I did, I would lose the chance of learning something new of my past. I pulled myself together and sat on one of the red chairs. It was strange; this chair was set across three other chairs, I felt like I was going to be visited by a council full of evil, I could just feel it.

As I waited impatiently, I noticed a familiar face walking closer to me, but not until she sat across from me did I recognize who it was.
“Hello handsome,” Melinda said as she got comfortable on her chair.
I was utterly surprised, I had a feeling it could have been her, but then again, I never did find out what she did to make Victoria angry, the only thing I had in my mind was, “What the hell?”

Melinda only laughed. “What’s wrong, aren’t you surprised?”
I was, but I only wanted to be calm. “No, not at all, I had a feeling it was you all along.”
Melinda laughed again. “You’re all about feelings Jack, but you have no idea what’s really going on, this is why you came, to learn,” she said, as if she could read my mind.
I was full of questions, so I blurted out, “Was it you sending all the letters?”
Melinda’s face turned pale and she had nothing to say for a few minutes until I heard her say, “What are you talking about, what letters?” it seemed like she was confused as much as I was.

“Don’t act dumb with me; I know you broke the window at Victoria’s house.”
“Yes, that I did,” she admitted, “but there were no letters.”
Then it hit me: how in the world are we having this conversation if I never got the letter. “But wait, how did you know I was supposed to meet you here?”
Melinda smirked. “My boss told me to come all the way here, and she said someone familiar will be here, so I came,” she explained.

“Then who the hell are you working for, tell me,” I commanded. Life just kept getting more complicated. I guess those chairs weren’t only for one, but nothing made sense.
“Ha, wouldn’t you want to know?” A stunning woman with brown hair appeared in the door, and walked close to the table; she sat right next to Melinda, with her legs up on the table with her high heels facing my face, acting like she owned the place.
I was now completely confused; there were two ladies in front of me, one I barley knew and the other I’d never met, and still I had so many questions, but it seemed like they can’t help me. They were obviously working for someone; all I could do is be strong and stay together because if I messed up or lost my cool, I would lose everything I had been working for. I turned to her, sighed, and said, “Who are you?”
The stunning looking woman turned to me with a smile. “Hello Jack, my name is Vanessa,” she said as she put her hand out to shake my hand, but before I did, my eyes were drawn to the skull tattoo that was on her arm; it was similar to Catherine’s.

“Hi…” I said nervously, “do you mind putting your feet down?”
“Ha, look who is bossing us around Melinda, an amnesia patient,” Vanessa said harshly.
“How did you know?” I asked.

“Oh Jacky boy,” Melinda started, “we know everything.”
“We mean everything about you and that rock star family and your relationship,” Vanessa explained, her feet still up on the table.
“Then tell me!” I demanded. I was glad they knew everything but I was afraid to trust them.

“It’s not our job,” Melinda explained.
“That true, it’s not,” Vanessa said, agreeing.
“Then whose job is it?” I blurted out in anger.
Then all of a sudden, the doors opened, making Melinda and Vanessa quiet. Noticing who it was, Melinda and Vanessa stood up.

“It’s my job to tell you everything Jack.” A voice came from the front door. The mysterious voice came closer, and I couldn’t believe who it was. I jumped to my feet, and saw a familiar face with a black dress.
“You, but why?” I asked, as I sat down.

“Because Jack, you need to know from someone that was closer to you than anyone,” she said. Melinda and Vanessa acted differently in front of her; Vanessa took her feet of the table, and Melinda didn’t speak a word nor did she talk back.
“But, Catherine, all I know was that we were together,” I said, but she ignored me.

“Vanessa and Melinda,” she said turning to them, and handing them a roll of cash from her pocket, “please leave; Jack and I have a lot of things to talk about.” “So what exactly do you want from me?” I asked, ignoring the fact that we were both all alone in my own restaurant, without bothering her with the other question that was aching in my mind: “Where the hell is everybody?”
“I just want you to know the truth, so you ask anything you want,” she said, with a warm smile. I thought to myself, I could sit here and listen to this or I can just walk out, but sadly this addiction to learn more about my past was too hard to throw away, so I sat there and took her offer. I had to ask, I just had to.
“Alright, I can ask you anything I want?” I asked, making myself more comfortable. “Then tell me, what’s the deal with you, Melinda and Vanessa. I mean who are you people?”
She gave me a big smile. “Ah well, the truth is, people are usually aren’t who they appear to be, but I will tell you who Melinda and Vanessa mean to you, Jack.” She said as she took a deep breath, “You might not remember, but Melinda is a reporter, and Vanessa is your doctor.” I was shocked at this new information; I only remember my doctor telling me to write in that notebook.
“I don’t understand,” I said slowly, only because I was confused and still trying to put things together.

“Jack wait let me finish, you see you have a lot to learn, Melinda is my sister, she also helped with your operation, and Vanessa is a little seductive but a great doctor, so did she a great job with you.

“But—” before I could even finish my sentence, Catherine’s phone rang, and she held up her index finger, telling me to wait.
The only thing I heard from her conversation on the phone was, “Yes, yes, great I will head there now.”
“I have to go,” Catherine said as she rushed to the door, but before she could leave the restaurant, she turned back to me. “To answer your question Jack, I am your wife, you might not remember but our love is still there.” She opened the door to leave. “We’ll see each other again very shortly,” she said, winking as she turned and left me with so many more questions. If she was truly in love with me, and she my wife, then why didn’t she even bother looking for me?

With all this information in my head all I needed was fresh air, but before I left the restaurant, I let my anger out on the chairs and the table by kicking them over. I finally was able to leave; I took a taxi back to Victoria’s house, because the limo had mysteriously disappeared. During the cab ride all I could think of were the last words before she left me: “We’ll see again very shortly.” When would I see her again, when would I find the right person to tell me everything I need to know? Max never told me who my doctor was. this adventure of the day will be one interesting tale to write about in my blue notebook. Then it hit me: if Vanessa was my doctor, then why did she tell me to write in the notebook, was she planning to take my notebook and figure out what I have been doing over the past few days or even years?

The cab finally reached Victoria’s house, I paid the driver and quickly ran inside the house, but unfortunately there was no one to be found, not even the guards that protected every single door of this awesome house. I ran around the house from inside looking for Sam or Victoria, but when I was about to step up the stairs, my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID, and it said Unknown.
“Hello honey,” Catherine said on the other side of the phone.
“Catherine, do you have anything to do with my friends being missing?” I asked, feeling the guilt eating me up inside. I kept thinking to myself, “If I hadn’t met with Catherine would my friends be safe?”

“Well Jack, I think you should come upstairs,” she said, and before I could say anything, she hung up. At the moment I was disorganized, I had no idea what I was doing, with no thought I ran upstairs. Once I reached the hallway, I heard a noise in my room. I walked slowly towards my room, when I entered my room, I found myself flying towards my bed, I was kicked from behind by Vanessa, but without questioning her actions, I noticed Sam and Victoria completely tied up with rope, and unable to speak because their mouths were covered with tape.
I turned to Vanessa. “Why the hell did you kick me?” I asked selfishly, forgetting the fact my best friends were tied up.
“I was bored,” she said, as she pushed her high heels on my chest, making it hard for me to breathe.

“If, you kill me, your sister won’t like that,” I managed to say. Surprisingly, she slowly took her high heels off my chest and allowed me to breathe.
“How could you possible remember that?” she asked, I had a feeling she had no idea I would know some things about her.

“I told him,” Catherine admitted, as she walked in smiling, her smile grew once she glimpsed at how helpless Sam and Victoria were. “Vanessa, I didn’t ask you to hurt Jack, I asked you to find what we were looking for, now go and take his friends somewhere,” Catherine commanded, as she came closer to the bed that I was kicked onto by my insane sister-in law. My eyes moved away from Catherine to my friends; they were being dragged to another room by Vanessa. Since Vanessa left the room I was able to get off this bed, to stand in front of Catherine. That’s what I should do face her, but my mind kept telling me one thing, ‘Run Jack, Run now, save yourself.’ But I didn’t because I knew my friends were in danger, even if I couldn’t remember the time we spent together, I still had a heart; I felt that we were all connected.

“Jack, you must have a lot on your mind,” Catherine said as she sat on the corner of the bed.
I acted fearless. “Look Catherine, what the hell do you want?”
Catherine laughed. “Well I told you I was going to see you soon, so how you doing?” Catherine asked with a smirk.
“Oh Catherine, I am just terrific, I have a stranger in my house,” I said pointing at her, “yes you, searching my friend’s house, oh and the fact that you have my friends tied up in some other room!” I yelled, releasing my anger bundled up with my memory issues.

Catherine said nothing, only she got up and had Sam brought to her by two guards I had never seen before. “Jack, I love you so much, you left me for two years, what you expect me to do?”

“How do you think I feel?” I said, wondering what she was doing to Sam.
“Well here’s the thing, I can never hurt you but—”
“Wait what are you going to do to Sam?” I said, interrupting.

“You should have never trusted Sam nor should you have trusted Victoria,” Catherine said, as she pulled a gun out of her pocket that was hidden in her jacket the whole time. My worst thoughts came to life; she pointed the gun at Sam’s head, I had no idea I had feelings for this girl, but I had to save her life no matter what. I didn’t remember myself as a selfish; I couldn’t let anyone die for my mistakes.
I jumped off my bed and yelled, “Wait, don’t, I will do as you say.” Catherine put down the gun and smiled.
“Good, let’s go,” Catherine said, waving her gun to the door’s direction. “Your future awaits Jack,” she said as she walked behind me. I wondered what she meant when she said that, I don’t think I have a future with Catherine and her crazy sisters. Catherine stopped me before we went down the stairs. “You can say goodbye to your friends,” she offered. I quickly ran to them and hugged them.

“I don’t know what to do, I am so sorry,” I whispered in their ears as I hugged them tightly. It ended quickly by Vanessa pulling me away. I walked with the evil sisters as if I was a hostage; Vanessa might look adorable, but the truth is she was deadly. When I got to a nice looking limo I noticed Melinda handcuffed to a suitcase, I was guessing that’s why they searched Victoria’s home. Without noticing I was thrown in the back of the limo next to Catherine. Melinda was driving and Vanessa was next to her. Then I remembered about my things, “Wait, Catherine where are my things?” I said, confused.

Catherine gave a small laugh. “You won’t need those anymore, but we have your blue notebook, don’t worry you can write whenever you want,” she reassured me, and turned away.

“I must ask,” I started, noticing their unwanted sighs, “are you cops?”
They all laughed hard. “No, we’re not cops.” Catherine said, with a laugh.
“Never in the world will I ever be a cop,” Vanessa admitted with a smile.
“For real, the real Jack would know that,” Melinda said, making everyone quiet for a few seconds. I noticed Catherine becoming upset, but I wasn’t the only one who noticed, Vanessa did and she gave a playful slap to Catherine’s right arm, making her aware that her sister was upset over what she said. I can’t believe what I was thinking, but I felt awful because she was feeling awful, even though she did just kidnap me, and threaten to kill Sam, who I might actually love more than Catherine, but I did what I thought was right, I put my hand on Catherine’s shoulder,
“You okay?”
“Yes, I am fine,” she said, as she wiped a few visible tears away. “When we get to our destination, you will learn everything you need to know,” she said, as she turned away.
Then I realized that I had no clue where were going, so I had to ask because apparently, I forgot the fact that she had a gun, and if the leader has a gun the rest must have guns too. I was hoping that she wouldn’t get mad at all my questions but I still had the courage to ask, “Where exactly are we going?”
Catherine turned back to me, her face looked much better after she wiped her tears away. “I doubt you’re going to believe this but, you and I have a house together, and that’s where were going,” she explained.
I took a breath then I decided to ask another question. “By the way, how the hell did you guys break in to Victoria’s house, there were a lot of guards,” I asked, as they all looked at me, I noticed all of them smiling at each other, almost laughing.
“Well, it was pretty easy; we just told them we were with the FBI,” Catherine said as she giggled, but she was able to continue. “Who knew their guards could be so stupid.”
“Yeah, they were stupid,” I said rolling my eyes, and then I had to ask my last question of the day, “Um, Catherine, can I ask you a question?”
“Like you haven’t asked enough?” Vanessa said rudely, but she wasn’t lying, I was asking a lot of questions for a hostage, or whatever I was. I honestly didn’t know where I stood at this moment, but luckily Catherine didn’t care about me asking a lot of questions because I noticed her quickly giving her sister, Vanessa a quick glare.
“I think you deserve answers, so you can ask me anything,” Catherine offered.

“Well,” I said pausing, I had no idea how I was going to ask this but I said what was on my mind. “Are you positive we are married?” I asked nervously.

Catherine stared at me for a while, and out of nowhere she grabbed my hand, “Yes, I am positive, I wouldn’t go in all this trouble just for something stupid, we need you more than you know,” Catherine confessed. I had so many more questions, but most importantly, I had to act smart, and I had to play along, or else these three ladies would have my head. I was not sure Catherine will hurt me, but I had a feeling if Catherine hesitated, Vanessa and Melinda would not, and it’s the end of Jack Ace’s begging, which is something I don’t want. I haven’t forgotten about the suitcase that was handcuffed to Melinda, and it must be important, but I still have a million dollar question: is Catherine who she says she is, and my billion dollar question: who is the true Jack Ace?

to be continued next Saturday

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