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Deputies differ on political parties bill

[5/31/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS -The Lower House of Parliament on Wednesday referred the bill on the political parties in 2012 to the legal and freedoms committees within the parliament, with a sense of urgency .The bill was referred to the committees , after being amended and sent back , by the upper house of parliament ( Senate ).The amendment has covered 15 items.

The Parliament also agreed to halt work on nuclear reactor project, demanding that such recommendation is binding to the Government.

This came during a session conducted to discuss the report of the Committee on Energy and Mineral Resources, which recommended the complete cessation of the project, while providing for a feasibility study and providing the necessary funding to build and agree on a suitable location to set up the reactor, that meets the international requirements.

Some deputies demanded for immediate debate ,that will lead to a final decision ,in order to allow other bills to be discussed thoroughly ,including the election law.

In parallel, other deputies went to a proposal that the bill on political parties , be referred to the relevant committees for study and research, especially when the amendments introduced by the Senate upon many important and at the same time.

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