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Parliament Legal Committee recommends rejection "passports law"

[5/28/2012 12:00:00 AM]

By Mohamed Okour

Ammonnews--The Parliamentary Legal Committee decided to approve the decision of the Senate ( Upper House of Parliament ) rejecting a bill of passports for the year (2012),at a meeting held today Sunday.

The refusal of the Committee on the proposal came after MP Ali Khalayleh proposed to submit a recommendation to the government to make new law.

Previously,the Senate had rejected the House resolution on the "passports" for the year 2012, considering the amendments introduced by the Lower House of Parliament as an expansion of issuing diplomatic passports and special ones in a way that does not lead to the desired target.

If the House of Parliament approved the decision of the Senate, and a Royal Decree was issued to reject the law, the Passports Act No. 2 of 1969, will be implemented which composes of four types of passports the "political" and "travel" and "private" and "important" and "normal. "

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