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75 MPs grant confidence vote to Tarawneh's government

[5/26/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - 75 members of the Lower House of Parliament gave a vote-of-confidence to Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh.

In Thursday's decisive parliamentary session, 31 MPs gave a no-confidence vote, and 4 abstained from voting.

10 MPs were absent from the session.

  • 1 Fantastik, J&B &75! 5/24/2012 8:52:19 PM

    Poor king and kingdom! They need all the help they can get. But not from the 75 + this pm and his ministers + the few others, who are supposed to be the "elite" of the country!?. I really thought that, after the scandalous exchange of the sarcastic/comic views between Dughmi and Tarawneh making "fun" of members of the Lower House, the Deputies would have some dignity and at least vote no confidence! But the 75 of the Lower House proved to be really LOW! No wonder the country is in trouble.

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