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PSD Claims Passion Attack on Female Blogger, Thabahtoona Denies

[2/22/2012 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The State Minister of Media and Communications Rakan Majali denounced the attack on the blogger and activist Enas Musallam on Monday while she was in Al Lwaibdeh area last night.

Majali wrote on his 'Facebook' page that he refused such thuggery acts and condemned the attack and those who stand by the attackers.

Musallam was stabbed in her abdomen by an unknown masked man,while she was in Al Lwaibdeh center of Amman last night, and she was transfered to Lozmilla hospital where she remains in a stable condition, the police said on Monday.

The Attack came after Musallam published an article on her blog criticizing prince el Hassan bin Talal's statements during his interview with Jordan T.V.

Musallam is a Jordanian blogger, political activist, and a fourth-year student at the University of Jordan.

A security source on Tuesday told Ammon News in statements that Musallam was attacked and stabbed on Monday over a "relationship."

The Public Security Department (PSD) Statement claimed that the young man threatened and stabbed her after their relationship deteriorated.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by Thabahtoona, a students' rights movement, denounced what it considers attempts to shift the investigation in the incident to appear as a personal attack.

Thabahtoona stressed that the attack on Musallam is a matter of public freedoms, denying reports in the media that the incident was related to a deteriorating relationship with a young man.

"This is an abhorrent method that we should have surpassed in the midst of Arab revolutions and the Jordanian popular movement that has been going on for over a year," Thabahtoona's statement said.

"An attack on a female in our Jordanian society in this thuggish manner is unacceptable and will not pass without accountability, the attempts of some entities to attack the honor of citizens is a transgression on all morals and ethics," the statement added.

The movement said that police denied to Musallam's mother that it made such statements, and stressed the family's right to file a lawsuit against media outlets that published the statement.

Thabahtoona called on human rights and civil society organizations to pressure the government to disclose the real causes behind the incident, and held the government and security apparatus responsible for the girl's safety.

"The attacker did not only stab her, but threatened her if she resumed her activism," the statement said.

  • 1 Tom in TX 3/2/2012 2:30:42 AM

    This does not look good for the rulers of Jordan, who until now, have kept a low profile among all the revolutions and uprisings going on in the region. Perhaps their time has come. Stabbing critics of the royal family is not a good message.

  • 2 R 3/7/2012 7:48:42 PM

    As a Westerner, I suggest that if your King, whatever country that may be, has popular support and is indeed doing the people good, then you ought not to rebel against him. Complain perhaps. But to foment rebellion against those unworthy of it is a foolish way to end your own life.

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