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Prince Ra’ad inaugurates Al-Hussein Society’s annual bazaar

[12/17/2011 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS – HRH Prince Ra’ad bin Zaid, Chairman of the Supreme Council for persons with disabilities, in presence of Princess Majda Ra’ad on Saturday inaugurated the annual bazaar of Al-Hussein Society for the care and rehabilitation of people with mobility challenges.

The exhibition, which gathers 49 diplomatic bodies, clubs and international organization, includes a display of food products, clothing, perfumes, traditional materials, ceramic and decorative sculptures that represent the heritage of the participating countries.

In remarks at the ceremony, Princess Majda stressed the importance of the continuous communication with the diplomatic corps, noting to the society’ model of cooperation with non-governmental organizations and international institutions due to its good reputation.

Al-Hussein Society Executive Director Annie Abu Hannah said that the bazaar returns will be covering part of the costs of providing comprehensive rehabilitation services for 1500 children with disabilities, as well as 10% of the Society’s expenses.

The bazaar, held since 1981, aims at highlighting the social responsibility toward improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities.


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