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Why Awn al khasawneh

[11/18/2011 11:21:00 PM]

By Amer AL Sabaileh

With the stepping down of Al Rifai and then Al Bakhit, it seemed that the State had every intention to improve government and to consider what the people of Jordan are asking for. That is why, I find it hard to find a satisfactory answer to the question that many national and international observers are asking me: what are the reasons behind the choice of Awn AL Khasawneh as the Prime Minister of Jordan in this historical moment and critical time? How can he satisfy our national needs?

As a logical follow on from the State’s good intentions, some might have expected a PM with close ties to either a reformist or popular movement. Very few expected a premier who has been absent for 15 years from the Jordanian internal scene and has seemingly closer ties with the British or Israeli scene than his own country. On the one hand he has been absent in shaping the national situation, on the other, he has been closely involved with the Anglo-Israeli scenario and all that entails. So what will his experience bring to either the Jordanian national or international scene? What is the expected role of Awn Khasawneh for Jordan?

Internationally speaking, one hypothesis might be a major role in a war against Syria, where he will facilitate Jordanian participation and, taking into consideration Awn’s origins from the north of Jordan, it would make it easier for him to isolate the north from blood or inter-marital relations between Jordanians and Syrians.

As the engineer of the Wadi Araba pact with Israel, another possible role for Awn could be to orchestrate the channel of dialogue between Hamas and the Israelis. He would be a natural choice if Hamas no longer had Syria as a back up, and could become the entrusted channel to bring Hamas to Jordan and restructure the role of Hamas in the region.

On the national scene, it is rather ambiguous how Awn perceives his role as ‘rescuer’ of Jordan. The slogans to start his mandate highlighted unconstitutional procedures and criticized reform in Jordan, constitutional amendments and fraudulent elections whilst emphasizing his sacrifice in leaving such an important position to come to Jordan. I’m afraid here that I feel obliged to remind our ‘Savior’ that he cannot criticize a situation he is part and parcel of. He has been chosen for the highest official role in the country through the very mechanisms he is now condemning and should remember that he was also part of the State in a no less corrupt period. Furthermore, if one has a mission to achieve it might be more beneficial to show one’s worth through concrete and considered actions rather than using his position to criticize predecessors and precedents.

Now it is the turn for others to raise their doubts about his appointment, especially in the way he is taking a year off from court duties with the stated intention that after this he will candidate himself as president of the international court. One wonders if this is completely legitimate as far as Court law is concerned.

All of a sudden, in different places in the world new names are appearing in key positions with one thing in common: their association with mysterious global groups with the aim of restoring order on an international level such as the Masonic lodges.

Take the examples of the new Italian Prime Minister, Monti (president of the Trilateral commission and member of the New Global Order masonic group); the Greek Premier Lucas Papademos (also a member of the trilateral commission) as well as other leading figures who are connected to global structures such as the international court (known for its close ties with masonry).

If this ‘new order’ is to succeed, the aim will be to conduct reforms that the current regime seems able to follow through with the consequential transformation of the figure of the King from a Ruling King to a Reigning King, which might one day resemble a new Jordan on the lines of Mustafa Abd al Jaleel of Libya. At end, it seems that the slogan of this era is “insidious powers imposing internal decisions”

Dr. Amer AL Sabaileh


  • 1 Abdulillah 11/17/2011 1:32:30 AM

    Dear Dr. AL Sabaileh, interesting article. I am a bit puzzled by some of your statements and key wording, to include “New World Order” “The Trilateral Commission”, and Masonic Lodges. You are correct that these two (2) organizations have some end goals in mind. I however am not so sure that they all have sinister goals in mind. An example will be the Trilateral Commission; founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and actually put together by Zibignew Brizezinskia a previous employee of Rockefeller a Professor I believe at Johns Hopkins now and who previously worked in the Jimmy Carter presidency. I have read many of the member’s scholarly works and they all do not agree, as in many organizations. They are considered liberal by some western standards especially those of the neoconservative right wing, which too has its own think tanks and commissions. These neoconservatives are now being blamed for the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan post 911 and against any world body like the UN I am also not so sure they are as secretive or cultish as say the Masonic Lodges. I also do not see them doing anything more or less than some of the many other organizations that either lobby governments or are pundits. These happen to be a group of highly educated elites and mind you some very well placed officials or ruling members, that many governments always look for, when they need advice in the attempt to synergize across borders to reach some common goals to avoid wars, economic hardship or collapse like that that almost happened recently, and the world is paying for now, due to greed by rampant and unregulated bankers and stock market brokerages. While the neoconservative side does the opposite as they are trying to enrich themselves as well.I am not sure how you link all this with our new Prime Minster however; and I do believe that maybe you stretched your thinking a bit far when you coupled this with hypothesis’s such as “one hypothesis might be a major role in a war against Syria, where he will facilitate Jordanian participation and, taking into consideration Awn’s origins from the north of Jordan, it would make it easier for him to isolate the north from blood or inter-marital relations between Jordanians and Syrians.” Or that leaving his post on the International Court of Justice is “completely legitimate”. I have seen no evidence for this anywhere in your article.I however appreciate your opinions and hope to do some more research on this topic in the future. Please keep them coming. Best Regards

  • 2 ranman 11/17/2011 7:48:38 AM

    Giving the fact that Jordan recycled through 10 prime minister in the past 10 years, it’s no surprise that Mr. Awn al khasawneh anticipates leaving the premiership within a year or so. I kind of agree with some of the concerns you raised. I was surprised by his blunt and undiplomatic language when he described the unconstitutionality of some of the past decisions made by the previous governments, especially him being a distinguished Jurist. .Also, the way he admitted to clear and intentional rigging of past elections. This admittance can have very serious implications, the least of which might require that laws enacted by this and previous parliament must be declared illegal and null, not to mention the eroding of trust between the people and their government. Is he going to do anything about these crimes of rigging elections? But again, this Middle East, things could be much worse. I am sure many neighboring countries would love to swap Jordan’s problems with theirs. Regarding your suggestion of his possible “association with mysterious global structures….” I think it might be a Great plot in conspiracy theory film. I hope the Royal Court and the Jordanian citizens give him a chance to lead and fix some of the chronic problems Jordan is facing. Excellent read. God Bless Jordan.

  • 3 M. 11/17/2011 8:07:34 AM

    nice article, but a lot to absorb

  • 4 Jaran 11/17/2011 10:35:24 PM

    Abdulillah said "I also do not see them doing anything more or less than some of the many other organizations that either lobby governments or are pundits". Let me, Abdulillah, give you a piece of advice: read "The Crisis of Democracy: On the Governability of Democracies" which is a report written in 1975 for "Ad Hoc" Trilateral Commission. It's not a famous document, but it can be considered as one of the most dangerous texts ever written in the 20th century about the "excess of democracy". The three writers of the report, M. Corzier, S. Huntington (yes, the famous one) and Watanuki, show how the governments of Occident world must restore the prestige and authority of central government istitutions in order to resolve problems of governance. What dr. Amer wrote here regarding Mario Monti and Papademos' unelected technocracies was predicted (may be planned) three decades ago. Many members of TC have been influenced by the report. Take Brzezinski for example: the US National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter stated that "the conclusions of the report in an op-ed for the St. Petersburg Times". I wonder whether Europe with unelected Monti and Papademos, both US trained economists and Trilateral members, will witness a death of democracy, or, as Huntigton puts it "th nth crisis of democracy".Thank you all. Grazie Amer!

  • 5 Abdallah 11/17/2011 11:22:47 PM

    Much has been written about Awn Al Khasawneh the new Prime Minister, mostly complimentary and occasionally derogatory, that is to be expected of someone who's achievements have been so outstanding both internationally and nationally. Having read the article written by Mr. Al Sabaileh, the first thought that came to my mind was the saying "the suspicious mind lives on a permanent feast". Written in bad english, which testifies to the truth that sloppy writing is indicative of a sloppy mind, and totally lacking in research or evidence, Mr. Al Sabaileh concocts a conspiracy theory according to which, through innuendo and intimations, the Prime Minister has been brought back from the International Court of Justice where he took a leave of absence for one year, to rule Jordan and stifle real reform. This eminent lawyer, thought by those who's knowledge of the International Court and international law generally is much more than Mr. Al Sabaileh can ever hope to acquire, not only agree that he is one of the most outstanding lawyers in the world- certainly in the Arab world- but also that in his contributions to the Court, he has always been a defender of the values of Islamic civilisation. His contribution to the Bosnia case, the Kosovo case, and above all to the Israeli Wall case, among others, bear testimony to his commitment to Justice and to Islam. As for the ludicrous theory that he took a one year leave of absence, it reveals Mr Al Sabaileh's total ignorance of how the Court works (the Court does not allow any leave of absence). The fact that he writes so confidently about a blatant lie shows his total lack of serious research and intellectual honesty. His fertile imagination has also linked the prime ministers appointment to the appointment of new MP's in Italy and Greece, intimating that this is all part of a global Masonic bid to take over the world. This is too ludicrous to even deserve an answer, but perhaps an answer in passing is a saying in Old Fench 'honni soit qui mal y pense' which means 'evil unto him who evil thinks'.

  • 6 citizen 11/17/2011 11:32:25 PM

    i cant believe you are a doctor, Mr. Awn left a more superior position to take out the garbage. he has not been in the country for the past 10 years while still checking up on his home country. all the points you mentioned, i am sure you read them from the internet, masonic!!! so sad.. i know doctors read from the different sources and can back up what they say... we have been going through a rough period, corruption while blinding our people... the prime minister has not been in his role for a month yet.. at least you should allow him to do the job, then criticize and write such ignorant article..

  • 7 Abdallah 11/18/2011 2:07:05 AM

    Dear Editor, I have sent my comments once yesterday and again today and so far i have not seen it published online yet! I am clearly surprised, and beyond the obvious frustration of feeling silenced i am now seriously wondering if this website in addition to its shady contributors are truly what they claim to be - ie "the voice of the silent majority"... Therefore, until my response is published this media will remain tainted with the lack of objectivity and suspicious in its claims for objectivity and impartiality. With regrets, AK

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