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Jordanian Tribal Coalition Mobilizes for Reform

[11/16/2011 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - A group of Jordanian tribes on Tuesday announced joining the Jordanian Tribal Coalition for Reform in an effort to unify mobilization calling for political and economic reforms.

Head of the Jordanian Tribal Movement Muhammad Majali said that the decision came to concentrate pro-reform efforts in one movement and prevent the disintegration of all reform movements throughout the kingdom.

Last Monday, the Bani Sakher Tribe Assembly for Reform met in Um Al Amad, south of Amman, with the Coalition of Jordanian Tribes for Reform and members of the Jordanian Tribal Movement for Reform to discuss the developments on the political field in Jordan.

The groups united in their calls for reforming the regime, combating corruption and putting corrupt officials on trial, and discussed the future of political activism to unify the goals and perspectives on national reform efforts.

The tribal coalition includes seven tribal committees representing Jordan's largest East-Banker tribes, including Bani Sakher, Bani Hassan, D'ajaa, Ajarmah, and the National Movement for Reform representing the Northern Badia district.

The groups agreed to form a central committee representing all the tribes to be a reference committee in formulating activities and pro-reform movements, and extended an invitation to social pro-reform movements to also join the coalition.

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