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Security Official Denies Tribunal Charges Against Salafists in Zarqa Violence

[9/5/2011 12:00:00 AM]

By Amal Ghabayen

AMMONNEWS - The Chief of Preventative Security in Zarqa governorate on Monday denied the accusations that the State Security Court (SSC) charged members of the Salafist movement with in the case of the violent clashes that erupted in Zarqa last April.

The special military tribunal had charged Salafist members who took part in the demonstration in Zarqa that left over 80 security personnel injured - according to security statements - with instigating strife and sedition and encouraging terrorist acts.

Musa Abdullat, one of the lawyers representing Islamist movements, said that the Zarqa Preventative Security chief stressed during his testimony in the second session of the trial on Monday that Salafist leader Abu Muhammad Tahawi called on demonstrators during the protest on April 15 to maintain self control and avoid altercations with security forces or counter demonstrators.

"The Preventative Security official explained in his testimony that there were no slogans or speeches by the demonstrators and Salafi current leaders during the protest that encouraged terrorist acts or offended Jordanian sects, tribes, or the national unity," Abdullat told Ammon News.

Security authorities had carried out mass arrests following the April 15th violent clashes, detaining over 100 individuals over charges of rioting, instigating sedition, and terrorism.

An official investigation by security authorities had claimed that demonstrators attacked security personnel armed with sharp weapons, including swords, axes, daggers, sticks and iron batons, and that they caused damage to public and private property.

Eight other security officers gave their testimonies during Monday's session regarding the incident.

The military tribunal adjourned on Monday and scheduled the next session on September 29th, 2011.

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