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Jordan, US to perform joint military drill

[6/25/2011 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS- Units and formations from the Jordan Armed Forces will conduct this month a joint military drill with the US side, the Jordan Armed Forces Moral Guidance Directorate said.

The drill will be attended by units from the land, maritime and air forces in line with Royal directives to upgrade capabilities of the armed forces and within the annual training plan of the armed forces.

Activities of the drill will also include seminar and courses in a number of fields.

Invitations were extended to 20 Arab and foreign countries to attend part of the drill as observers.


  • 1 Mutual Interests 6/25/2011 6:27:29 PM

    So many people have misgiving about US policy towards the Middle East, especially towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But Jordanian-American relations is a strategic relationship and that is good for Jordan. Jordanians should never forget that, during the 1991 Gulf war, when many Arab "brothers" were "looking" for an Israeli invasion of Jordan--under the pretext of responding to Saddam's Scud "attack" on Tel Aviv, and desspite Jordan's opposition to the Gulf war, the US/Bush Sr. sent the #2 man at the State Department, Eagleburger, to Tel Aviv, and stayed in Israel several weeks telling the Israeli warmongers on daily bases not to make any move against Jordan. Paying Israel several hundred million dollars during that war, and against the wishes of many "brothers", the US succeeded in preventing Israel from attacking Jordan. Since that date, the US provided Jordan close to $10 billions of economic and military assistance! That is "hard" money (Tax) paid by the hard-working American people And we should be grateful to them. How much the wealthy "brothers", who accumulated huge fortunes from EASY revenues/Oil, and not through hard-working "brothers", helped Jordan--a strategic buffer state for the wealthy Arabs and shoulders the burdens of millions of Arab refugees-- during that same period, 1991-2011?? Perhaps "gifts" to private accounts to keep "each other" quite. But the first public and significant help from the "brothers" was announced 3 weeks ago, the Saudi assistance of $400 million!

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