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Activists Demand Abolishing State Security Court in Friday Protest

[6/12/2011 5:07:53 AM]

AMMONNEWS - The Public Freedoms and Human Rights Committee at the Islamic Action Front (IAF) opposition political party called on activists to partake in a protest on Friday to demand abolishing of the special military State Security Court (SSC).

Several populist, opposition political parties, and national rights' organizations will demonstrate on Friday June 10th, 2011 to call for abolishing the court, blasting its "illegitimacy" and the court being used by the state to restrict public freedoms.

The demonstration, first of its kind, will launch from Hamzah Mosque in Marka district in Amman and march towards the State Security Court following Friday midday prayers.

The demands to annul and dissolve the military court escalated following the detention of Jordanian journalist Ala'a Fazza' last week over reports he published on his news website that relayed material from a Facebook page calling for reinstating Prince Hamzah as Crown Prince.

The charges against Fazza' included his act being labelled as a "crime against the Jordanian Constitution" and a "threat to the throne."

  • 1 It's Friday! 6/10/2011 4:28:00 AM

    Unlike the old days, Arab presidents, kings, shaikhs and their "people" hate nothing more today than Fridays! Things change!

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