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Credible Political Parties ~ Randa Habib

[2/24/2011 12:00:00 AM]

By Randa Habib

I often wonder why Jordan lacks influential, active and credible political parties. The system and the law allow it and the king has been calling for it. So where is the problem?

On paper, there are numerous political parties that people can’t even remember their names. But in reality, the majority of these parties do not enjoy enough popularity, followers or even sympathizers. They often reflect the personality of their leaders, or promote ideologies of the fifties!

Can’t some of these political parties, which did not manage to prove themselves, merge and form a strong party, whether rightist, leftist or even environmentalist? It does not really matter as long as they are strong, well organized, popular and have clear programmes.

It is time for people to forget about their own narrow personal interests, and think of what the nation needs.

In the past few months, several groups have appeared calling for change, but their demands could have been heard better if they unite under a coalition.

This country is now on path to “modern reforms.” The leadership has committed to amend the electoral law to win the acceptance of the majority of Jordanians.

This new electoral law will pave the way for a real and active political life in the country. But political parties, which are essential in any democracy, have a key part in this matter.

When parties are credible, they play a crucial role in politics as well as in conveying what the people need and want.
So it is time for the people to have their share in the process.

  • 1 Abdullah 2/26/2011 1:23:21 AM

    Ms. Habbib says "Can't some of these political parties, which did not manage to prove themselves, merge and form a strong party..." conflicts with her 2nd and 4th paragh. She pretty much answers her own question as to why they cannot form strong, well organized, popular parties and put their "own personal interests, and think of what the nation needs".It has always been my experience that people scream for change but cannot change themselves first. One needs to work on that aspect of thier life before creating chaos in other peoples lives.It has been said by the wisest of men "God will not change a person until he changes himself first". This also applies to groups of people orgainzed or not.Governments can and MUST allow as well as facilitate laws which allow for civil discourse. However; we the people look to them to allow for civil discourse to take place without drowning the interests of the people at large for living peaceful and happy lives without chaos, hence laws, enforcment, etc... lastly, it has been my experience that democracy setup with rules that appear on the surface to be democratic but really are just more "Ink on Paper" is like having a accident in a pair of dark pants. One gets a warm and fuzzy feeling but no one really notices until it begans to stink.Warmest RegardsAbdullah

  • 2 Jamal Rousan 3/5/2011 6:46:21 AM

    Political parties in Jordan do not have any chance of achieving even a small success. In other Arab countries, we can see some strong political organization in which they are the arms of the elite and also called the ruling party. People look for their best interest and the permanent opposition does not help its members; the opposite is true; permanent opposition brings trouble to its members. In democratic countries, political parties have good chances of taking turn in controlling or achieving power. Therefore, they have members who work hard to implement their views and programs. In Jordan, we have groups such as the Refaay group, the Majaly group, or the Bakheet group. These groups are strong because their followers have a guaranteed chance of leading the Government as prime ministers, while the chances of becoming a minister in the Government depends on your relationship with any of the groups or if your father or grandfather held such job. In order for political parties to become strong, members need incentives, and in the absence of that, political parties in Jordan will stay weak and ineffective

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