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King meets Muslim Brotherhood, IAF leaders

[2/3/2011 12:00:00 AM]

AMMAN--His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday stressed the need for concerted efforts by the government, parliament, political parties and civil society institutions to press ahead with the comprehensive reform march which is important for building a bright future for Jordanians.

During a meeting with a delegation representing Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Action Front (IAF) leaders, the King urged all Jordanians to work together and take practical and effective steps to achieve the necessary progress in the political reform process that increases citizens' participation in decision-making.

"Economic reform that should continue to guarantee a better life for Jordanians, will not be achieved without political reform which was highlighted in letters of designation to consecutive governments, he added.

At the meeting, which was attended by Royal Court Chief Nasser Lozi, His Majesty said that the comprehensive reform march faltered and was slow as some personal interests were put above public interests and because of fear and hesitance in taking decisions by some officials.

He called for translating his vision for modern and comprehensive reform into practical steps that would reflect on all Jordanians through serious reform policies designed to achieve interests of Jordan.

His Majesty also urged the new government to implement content of the Letter of Designation, mainly drawing up mechanism to launch a comprehensive national dialogue to reach a consensus of an election law that enhances national identity and encourages party work.

"There should be also a consensus on measures needed to press ahead with political development and make amendments to laws regulating political and civil work to develop party work, he added.

King Abdullah stressed the need to discuss all issues in an open, transparent and clear manner through continued dialogue with citizens across the Kingdom, pointing to his directives to the government to reach out to all citizens and provide them with answers on all issues raised.

Corruption, the King said, is a scourge that should be fought through strengthening institutional structure and full enforcement of law on anyone involved in this phenomenon. He added there will be no cover for any one caught in corruption urging maximum application of law on those involved in corruption cases.

King Abdullah affirmed that his vision on reform and modernization is clear and that all Jordanians should have the opportunity to build the country and take part in the overall national development march.

His Majesty expressed confidence in his people whose interests and right of a decent living precede all other considerations.

Security and Stability is a blessing that all Jordanians should protect through national unity and through ensuring just application of law on all in order to build a better future for them and open wider scopes of achievement, King Abdullah stressed.

During the meeting which continued over a lunch banquet, King Abdullah stressed that there is a real opportunity to bring about comprehensive reform to build the bright future Jordan seeks and keep it a model for accomplishment, giving, security and stability.

The meeting, which is a continuation of the King's meetings with community and political figures, touched on a wide range of national issues. Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Action Front representatives affirmed that they are part of the country and voiced their views over a number of issues and ways to address them.

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