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Protests in Karak, Tafileh against Govt

[1/21/2011 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - Hundreds of Jordanians poured to the streets in karak, southern Jordan, and protested in front of Al Omari Mosque after Friday prayer against government policies.

The protests were called for by political powers and opposition political parties, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

Protestors called on king Abdullah II to dismiss Prime Minister Samir Rifai's government, lower taxes on basic commodities, and dissolving the parliament.

The protestors were critical of Samir Rifai and the policy of "inheriting positions," in reference to the fact that his father and grandfather had occupied the same position.

In the southern governorate of Tafileh, hundreds of protestors also called for toppling Rifai's government.

The demonstrations launched from Al Tafileh grand mosque towards the city center, and crowded in front of the Governorate building.

Demonstrators shouted slogans against price hikes of fuel and basic commodities, stressing that "The loaf of Bread is a red line," and called for putting an end to government corruption.

Protestors were also critical of the electoral law which brought the current Lower House of Parliament.

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