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Police Raid Gay Party in Amman

[12/3/2010 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS - (Exclusive) Amman police personnel interfered early Friday morning before dawn to break up a party held by a group of young men identifying themselves as homosexuals near a hotel on Makkah Street in Amman.

Police asked for the young men's ID cards and ordered the crowds to disperse and shut down the party being held in a rented hall near Um Uthainah district.

Police did not receive authorization to arrest any in the crowds, numbering in dozens, and ordered the crowds to return inside the hall after they had extended the party to the street.

Police managed to convince the crowds to shut down the party and disperse to their homes by 3:30 AM, nearly an hour after police arrived at the scene after receiving complaints from the neighbors.

Dozens of young men had held the party in an alley adjacent to Makkah Street near Al Haramayn Circle overnight on Thursday and early Friday morning.

The party included very loud music, alcohol drinking, public display of dancing and kissing, a matter that reportedly disturbed nearby residents and passerbys.

Police sources said that the crowds included men ranging in age between 15-30 years old, and a number of older men were also seen.

Nearly 5 females were also among the crowds.

The party was being held in and around a vacant unlicensed hall. The party organizers had hired a private company to provide security guards at the door.

Police is yet to determine the identity of the party organizers, citing that the event violated the Public Assembly Law.