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Qadi urges governors to raise awareness of recently launched Queen Rania Award for Community Champion

[3/12/2009 12:00:00 AM]

AMMONNEWS — Jordanian Minister of Interior Nayef Qadi met on Wednesday with the team responsible for following up on the Queen Rania Award for Community Champion (Ahel Al Himmeh)initiative, and instructed administrative governors to raise awareness of the award at their community levels.

The minister urged the governors to facilitate the working group's task of raising awareness of the award, adding that meetings will be held in each of the Kingdom's governorates for this purpose.

A media campaign through dailies, radio and television channels will acquaint the public with the nomination process. In addition, those wishing to learn more about the award can dial the toll-free number 1229, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission said.

Her Majesty Queen Rania launched the award on Tuesday on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah's accession to the throne.

In an editorial published in the Jordan Times on Tuesday, Her Majesty Queen Rania said that The Queen Rania Award for Community Champion (Ahel Al Himmeh) seeks to celebrate the accomplishments of groups and individuals through which they have impacted their local communities.

“In our life there are many champions, who may not be superheroes with their physical powers, but are undoubtedly super in their dedication to doing good, with self-esteem and a high sense of responsibility,” she noted.

They are “those who are content with what they have and invest their time and effort in improving the conditions of others… they are our treasures that never fade away”, the Queen added.

Ahel Al Himmeh will be drawn from local communities through nominations, the forms for which will be available at post offices and via the initiative’s website, the Queen indicated.

Individuals cannot nominate themselves, and those nominated for the honour should have contributed to bringing about a positive change through tackling, whether directly or indirectly, a community issue, outside the framework of their job.

In addition, eligible candidates should have completed at least 18 months of community work, Her Majesty noted.

The selection process will comprise several steps to guarantee transparency, while a committee of experts will decide on 30 qualifiers out of which 10 winners will be chosen, she added.

A ceremony to honour Ahel Al Himmeh will be held in June with the winners receiving JD30,000 each to support their cause, as well as certificates and university scholarships.

Photo: A working group, one of several comprising young people from across the Kingdom's 12 governorates that seek to raise awareness on the Queen Rania Award for Community Champion, convenes last week (Photo by Nasser Ayoub)

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